"Oh the places we will go. . . ."
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"Oh the places we will go. . . ."




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Taking on the World, One Place at a Time

Hello & Welcome! We are Caleb & Jasmin, an Australian travel blogger couple who took a leap of faith and decided to pack up our lives in Australia for a whole new adventure across the globe, with no family or friends waiting for us on the other side. We now live & work in the UK. Some would say we’re crazy, but we say we’re adventurous! It was a bold move, but one that we’ll never regret.

In our spare time we love exploring this country that we currently get to call home, as well as discover the endless places on our doorstep, called Europe. We try to travel as thrifty as possible, looking for the best deals, although sometimes we do like to splurge a little…let’s be honest and real!

We are thrilled to be on this journey and look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Follow along as we keep you updated about our travel adventures and what we’ve been getting up to. Would you pack up your life to live in another country?

Our Recent Adventures

Who doesn’t love to travel? There’s nothing we love more than to travel at every chance we can get.  With so many incredible destinations close by, it’s always a challenge deciding on where to go next! The beauty about living so close to Europe is that travel is so cheap. As an Australian travel blogger and professional photographer,  this really gets us excited. We love capturing and sharing our adventures with the world and hope you’ll be inspired to travel too.

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Australian travel blogger
Australian travel blogger
Australian travel blogger

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