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InteleTravel Scam? Are you considering joining InteleTravel and not sure if InteleTravel is a scam? Thousands of people have joined this company since its existence and I’m here to discuss my recent experience with so called “Independant InteleTravel Agents” from the UK.

Hey! I’m Jasmin and along with my husband, we are an Aussie couple living and working in the UK. In our spare time, we love to travel and discover this country we now get to call home!

InteleTravel Scam

Who / What is InteleTravel?

InteleTravel started in the United States, in the early 90’s. They now have around 45,000 agents in the US and close to 7000 agents in the UK alone. The company supposedly allows people to earn money by doing something they love, and that is travel. 

InteleTravel and/or InteleTravel Agents promote that you can start a home business that allows you to become an independant travel agent, while selling and booking travel to anyone and everyone. 

What does InteleTravel Offer?

InteleTravel provides discounted prices on different areas of travel, such as airfare, hotels and care hire to name a few. It currently provides an opportunity for people to professionally book travel, complete with booking tools and resources. Members can sell travel and earn commissions, even when booking their own travel. 

InteleTravel partners with cruise lines, such as Norwegian & Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, airlines such as British Airways, various hotels and resorts along with well known car rental services like Avis & Hertz. 

For many, it can sound like the perfect job, sell travel while travelling the world. But is InteleTravel really what it’s cracked up to be? As you read on, it seems there’s more to  InteleTravel than what most people think.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

The Competition & Markets Authorities UK, defines a pyramid scheme as follows:

when participants in a scheme are financially compensated by other people paying into the scheme, rather than by the selling of a product or service. They depend upon new members being recruited to pay in.

InteleTravel scam

Is InteleTravel Legit or a Scam?

From the surface, InteleTravel looks like an opportunity you can’t pass up. However, from my experience, I have found InteleTravel to be nothing but a scam, who are operating as a pyramid scheme, also known as a Multi Level Marketing company (MLM). The chances are that someone (an Independant InteleTravel agent/s) has reached out to you by introducing and inviting you to join their ‘amazing opportunity’ (but not actually selling travel). Rather, what they are trying to do, is sell you the membership to join, instead of the product itself. InteleTravel has been labelled as “Pyramid selling at its finest”. Members of InteleTravel, look for and target social media accounts with an interest in travel.

How much can you earn as an InteleTravel agent?

From my experience, I haven’t had anyone tell me they have earned money/commission from selling travel. Instead, it appears that money is only being earned from signing others up.

If you look closely on the InteleTravel website, they do not disclose an income statement, proving it difficult to ascertain whether this opportunity is as good as it sounds.

Ask yourself, apart from family and friends, how will you advertise and market yourself? How will you be different to sites such as, and/or expedia that are already well known?

Pyramid Selling is Illegal

In the UK, the Competition & Markets Authorities states a pyramid scheme is illegal:

If you establish, operate or promote a pyramid scheme, it is illegal and you risk a criminal conviction, a prison sentence and a fine”.

Many people that join up with InteleTravel will tell you that InteleTravel is not a pyramid scheme. However, they state that “they are not recruiting” but rather, “building a team”. No matter what angle you look at it, from my experience, members are definitely recruiting and not selling a product.

Others will try and tell you (or create instagram live stories/feeds) that “every company is a pyramid scheme”. Keep in mind that these are the kind of people that do not have a good understanding of what a pyramid scheme is.

Pyramid schemes, like InteleTravel must be reported

As per the UK guidelines, if you know anyone who promotes or operates as a pyramid scheme, they must be reported. I myself, have had no difficulty reporting them and you can find more details as to how to report participants by visiting here. 

InteleTravel Reviews & Complaints

I highly recommend that anyone considering joining InteleTravel, to do as much research as possible. Read reviews on trusted sites and ask questions, especially if anyone reaches out to you via social media. No company is perfect, so it’s always wise to consider the cons, as well as the pros. Don’t forget to read InteleTravel’s fine print before signing up.