If you’re planning a trip to Cornwall, then be sure to add Boscastle to your list. We recently visited this qauint little village and stayed at this gorgeous bed and breakfast. We highly recommend Boscastle House as it really does tick all the boxes!

Boscastle House

Light & Airy Rooms

As I write this, it’s hard to believe that seven months have already passed us by since we were here. We were fortunate enough to have been able to book a short staycation to the coast last Autumn, during the times of the crazy pandemic. Boscastle House did not disappoint us and we’d certainly go back in a heart beat if we could.

The room we stayed in was just beautiful. It was so clean, with beautiful natural light. The windows opened up with views to the well maintained garden and the surroundings were peaceful. We were welcomed with ample tea and coffee in the room, along with cold drinks in the fridge and biscuits. Great after a long day of travelling!

Boscastle House
Boscastle House

Big Breakfast

There’s no way you can start your day without breakfast, especially when it’s a day of adventure! Boscastle House definitely serves up a treat! You’ll have a choice of croissants as a starter, then you’ll get to order a cooked breakfast too! In addition, there are also options of different yoghurts with fruit/berries, as well as cold drinks, such as juices.

Hey! I’m Jasmin and along with my husband, we are an Aussie couple living and working in the UK. In our spare time, we love to travel and discover this country we now get to call home!

Free Wifi

Our first flight was from Heathrow to Singapore. This flight was still quite full as it was the start of the initial lockdown, with many heading back to Singapore or onward to Australia.

On board, while the cabins and seats were cleaned, we still wiped down our area for our own peace of mind.

Masks were worn by passengers and flight crew, so we were pleased to see everyone making an effort. I had a middle seat between my husband and another passenger. I think I only got up once during the whole flight, as I did not feel comfortable walking around.

Gorgeous Garden

Our second flight was a lot different. The plane was basically empty from Singpore, with plenty of empty seats. It really is difficult to comprehend that a plane can still run with next to none passengers on board. My husband and I had seats together, but thankfully we were able to move and get some sleep, as we stretched ourselves out on different rows.
Boscastle house

Free Parking

Planning to bring your own car and drive to the Cornwall coast? There is no need to worry when staying at Boscastle House, as they offer free parking on site. In addition, they also offer charging facilities for electric cars.


boscastle house

Daily Housekeeping

Due to covid and the restrictions during our staycation, we didn’t have daily housekeeping, but the owners were always ready to help and assist if we needed anything. They were very helpful and friendly and couldn’t have asked for better owners really!